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Bedrooms: 2 / Occupancy: 6
Bedrooms: 3 / Occupancy: 6
Bedrooms: 2 / Occupancy: 9
Bedrooms: 3 / Occupancy: 12

Hilton Head Pet Friendly Rentals

Hilton Head Rentals & Golf offers one of the most extensive listings of homes and villas that are pet friendly on the island. As fellow pet lovers, we know that dogs are part of the family, and they need a vacation too! So if you're like us, and wouldn't dream of traveling without your furry family member, we invite you to browse our pet friendly vacation rentals below. Fellow pet owners have opened up their vacation retreats to you and your pet so that in addition to one, two, and three bedrooms villas, you can now choose from four, five, or even six bedroom homes. You will see how beautiful and comfortable vacationing with your pet will be.

Hilton Head is a very pet friendly community, featuring numerous dog parks, pet friendly restaurants, pet friendly beaches, and of course any pet services you may need while enjoying your vacation. We also encourage you to read the laws and regulation about having your pet be a guest here on Hilton Head. 

All of us at Hilton Head Rentals & Golf have pets. We love our pets and know you do too! If there is any information you need that we have omitted, please let us know by calling 800-HILTONHEAD (800-445-8664)

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